2014 Recipients

Chris Edwards

St. Theresa's Catholic High School

Chris' Biography

Shane Vitaly Foran

Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School

Shane's Biography

Nick Frank

Holy Trinity Catholic High School

Nick's Biography

Ryan Gariepy

St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School

Ryan's Biography

Kelsey Gilchrist

Our Lady of the Bay Catholic High School

Kelsey's Biography

Jane Heffernan

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School

Jane's Biography

Kyle Marcelli

St. Joseph's Catholic High School

Kyle's Biography

Jon Skillen

St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School

Jon's Biography

Lisa Truchon

St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School

Lisa's Biography

Congratulations to our Outstanding Graduates. We wish you continued success and blessings as you continue your professional, personal, and faith journeys.