Father Christopher Huynh

St. Nicholas and St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School

St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School

Graduated 2010

Father Christopher Huỳnh understood a new way of life was calling him. He was ordained as a priest in 2021 and devotedly serves those in need in Toronto, living out his Catholic values in every way.

After studying physics at McMaster University, Christopher knew he had a higher calling and joined the seminary on a journey to priesthood. At the seminary, a new way of life spoke to him. He found that he was able to combine an active intellectual life with meaningful pastoral work for the poor in Toronto.

Christopher has said, "I’m grateful for the deep Catholic education that I received growing up. It showed me that it was possible to be a devout Catholic with a serious intellectual life. One didn't have to crowd out the other."

On Saturday, November 6, 2021, at Holy Family Church in Toronto, Christopher Thiên Ý Huỳnh was ordained. He became a priest surrounded by the love of his family and friends, and by the love of God.

Christopher continues to be active with his extra-curricular and volunteer activities. He recently wrote the liner notes to Final Symphony - an album of video game music performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Diocesan priests usually move to various parishes, but this won’t be the case for Father Christopher. His permanent home is the Toronto Oratory, and we will be glad to always know where to find him.