Dr. Danielle D'Amico

Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School

Graduated 2011

Danielle was inspired to focus her post-secondary studies on dementia and other factors affecting brain health. Her passion in this area led her to the completion of a PhD and also to become the recipient of the Governor General’s Academic Gold Medal. 

2023 was a year to remember for Patrick Fogarty grad Danielle D’Amico. Not only did she complete her PhD in Psychology, she also received the Governor General’s Academic Gold Medal. This is the most prestigious award available for a Canadian post-secondary student.

Danielle says, “Attending Patrick Fogarty, I developed a zest for learning and discovery and embraced strong values of giving back to my community and honouring the people I love." After her grandmother struggled with Alzheimer's, Danielle was inspired to study the disease and other forms of dementia. She attended Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), where she earned her PhD. Her research focused on different factors that affect brain health while aging.

While at TMU, she maintained an incredible A+ average throughout her graduate studies, leading to her gold medal achievement. The Governor General’s award is granted annually to the student who achieves the highest academic standing in a graduate program.

After completing her PhD, Danielle received a fellowship from the Alzheimer Society of Canada. She now works at Baycrest Academy for Research and Education. Her work helps older adults who are at risk of developing dementia. Over the next two years, she will help older adults identify their personal risk factors and will create programs that help mitigate that risk over the long term.