William Arnaud

St. John Paul II Catholic School

St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School

Graduated 2008

Chef, entrepreneur and avid volunteer who worked tirelessly to support marginalized residents during the pandemic. Humble recipient of the City of Kingston’s First Capitol Honourable Achievement Civic Award.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade - right? Well, when life threw COVID-19 at the world, Chef Will Arnaud turned a difficult situation into a wonderful way to give back to his community.

After graduating from St. Peter’s Catholic Secondary School in 2008, Will headed north to attend Culinary School at Canadore College. His talent as a chef was quickly recognized by instructors and classmates, and he showcased his skills by winning the Battle of Ontario Cooking Competition against other top colleges.

After graduating from culinary school, Will had a variety of jobs in different kitchens before starting his own catering business in 2020. But the pandemic forced Will to put his plans on hold. Instead, Will recognized an incredible opportunity to give back to his community through his expertise with food. He volunteered with Lionhearts Inc. - a non-profit organization that supports marginalized residents in Kingston, Ontario.

Throughout the pandemic, Will led a small, dedicated group of volunteers at Lionhearts Inc. to prepare an average of 700 free, nutritious meals per day for those in need. For this outstanding volunteer effort, Will was recognized by the City of Kingston with the First Capitol Honourable Achievement Civic Award, which he humbly shares with his fellow volunteers.

Will’s catering business has started up again, but he continues to volunteer and assist in the coordination of the Lionhearts Inc. food program. He fondly remembers his faith-filled education and says, “Growing up with a Catholic education has instilled in me the values needed to support my community and has shown me the importance of helping those in need.”