Alexandria Hamelin

St. Theresa's Catholic Secondary School

Graduated 2018

Passionate about food security, healthy options, and client dignity, St. Theresa’s graduate Alexandria founded the Georgian Bay Food Network, a community meeting-place which provides food options for approximately 900 local families.

Alexandria was a competitive student-athlete and student council member during her high school years. She was also a committed volunteer at the Saint Vincent de Paul Society. A well-informed student, Alexandria was passionate about the challenges faced by members of her community. An education rooted in the Catholic faith instilled a sense of fellowship and obligation to care for those less fortunate.

After graduation, she became aware of difficulties faced by families in her Indigenous community. It was becoming hard to provide nutritious meals, because of the rising cost of living and limited work opportunities. Problems became more dire as food prices soared and Midland welcomed an influx of families escaping conflict around the world.

Alexandria embarked on a mission to create a food security association. She founded the Georgian Bay Food Network (GBFN) in 2021. The goal is to provide sustenance and healthy food options for those in need, in a dignified and caring environment. GBFN has grown quickly, with over 20 volunteers and strong community partnerships. The GBFN provides food options for some 900 local families and people, who shop there on a bi-weekly basis. The GBFN also supports clients, helping them access the social safety system. It is a community meeting-place, providing a welcoming environment for all.

Alexandria’s leadership, dedication, sensitivity and ingenuity, nurtured and developed in her Catholic education, will stand her in good stead for the challenges to come.