Thomas Gabor

Holy Trinity Catholic High School

Graduated 2006

Youth engagement co-ordinator for LetsStopAIDS. He works with youth in Dududu, South Africa to provide community health services and skill building.

Social work is a career that requires a special kind of person and Thomas Gabor is definitely one of those people. After graduating from Holy Trinity Catholic High School in 2006, he attended York University for his Bachelor of Social Work and then received his Bachelor of Education at Lakehead University.

As a certified teacher, he put his education to good use as a child and youth worker with the York Region District School Board, a Kindergarten teacher in Guatemala and a middle school teacher and school counsellor in Panama.

In October 2016, Thomas became the Youth Engagement Coordinator at LetsStopAids – Canada’s largest youth HIV education and prevention organization. He spends his time educating youth in Dududu, South Africa. He works at a drop-in centre, providing HIV/AIDS medication and health services, as well as skillbuilding activities, sports activities and sex education to local youth and the community. In addition to raising awareness about HIV and AIDS, Thomas also works with his team to provide employment opportunities to the local youth. They have created a garden project, which not only teaches young individuals how to cultivate crops, but also supplies fresh fruit and vegetables to the community.

This past December, Gabor partnered with Dipo Mhlongo, a local storyteller, to conduct an interactive reading and writing workshop in Dududu. He plans to work with Community Mural Projects to connect local artists with communities to organize mural-painting workshops for youth. He is also looking to recruit local residents in Dududu to help teach, cook, paint and offer musical activities for the youth.