Patrick Maher

Father F.X. O'Reilly Catholic School

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School

Graduated 1994

In 2018, St. Thomas Aquinas graduate Pat incorporated his own steel fabricating company, and now employs more than 25 people, with a goal of growth and expansion in the near future.

Pat Maher has come a long way since being the valedictorian of his 1994 graduating class. After high school, he attended McMaster University, and spent his summers working in the steel industry. Summer jobs became a career after he got his degree, and Pat quickly moved up the corporate ladder.

In 2018 Pat took the leap, and incorporated his own steel fabricating company, Maher & Co. Metals Inc. From humble beginnings, he now employs more than 25 people, and has his eyes on an even bigger future as he expands and grows his business.

Pat has fond memories of his Catholic education. “Although I graduated almost 30 years ago, I will never forget my time at St. Thomas Aquinas and the influence those years have had on my life. Our chaplain, Rev. Barker was one of many staff members who left a lasting impact on me and helped guide me to where I am today.” Pat credits his teachers at St. Thomas Aquinas for their constant encouragement and inspiration to pursue his dreams. His Catholic education taught him the importance of commitment, dedication, service and self-discipline.