Dr. Kelly Metcalfe

St. Joseph’s Catholic High School

Graduated 1990

Currently a professor at the University of Toronto - has earned national and international recognition for her research into genetic predispositions to cancer

In 2008, Dr. Kelly Metcalfe was profiled by the Toronto Star as one of the Top 10 to Watch, and it isn’t difficult to see why she was recognized in this way. Kelly has dedicated her life’s work to helping women who are at high-risk for developing breast cancer. Her contributions to clinical research continue to shape the delivery of medical care for women throughout the world.

Always a strong student at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School, Kelly went on to receive her nursing degree from the University of Western Ontario. Upon graduation, she took a position as a research nurse at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, where she fostered a passion for research. In 2002, she completed her PhD in medical science at the University of Toronto, where she is currently a professor.

She was one of the first nurses to study the impact of genetic predispositions to cancer and her research has had a significant impact in the field of cancer genetics, resulting in national and international recognition. Kelly is frequently asked to present her research and in her effort to keep patients informed she organizes a patient symposium for women who are predisposed to developing breast cancer.

Kelly says, “My goal is to ensure, through research and testing, that women who are at high-risk for developing breast cancer reduce their risk of developing and/or dying of this disease.”