Brendan Hiles

St. Nicholas Catholic School

St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School

Graduated 2010

Writer, director, producer and editor of film who has won several awards and recognitions including the Barrie Emerging Artist of the Year Award.

Growing up in Barrie, Brendan’s love of filmmaking began at an early age. Since his days at St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School, inspirational films and the support from friends and family have led him to writing, directing, producing, editing and shooting close to one hundred short films of different styles and genres.

From playful parodies, to his carefully nurtured documentaries, music videos, and narrative works at Brock University and Fanshawe College, Brendan spends his time writing, directing, and producing a number of narrative works.

Among his long list of successful short films, One Last Game, A Cascadian Metal Adventure, Infinite Error, and Pieces are just a few that have earned him several local recognitions and accolades. And in 2017, Brendan won the Barrie Emerging Artist of the Year Award for his development of work in pursuit of a career in the arts.

“I'd like to thank St. Joan of Arc and the community I grew up in. It continues to inspire and influence how I write and create films. Thank you to my teachers and fellow graduates who've taught me to always better myself, and who I've continued to collaborate with on the road to reaching audiences far and wide.”

Brendan is a member of the Director's Guild of Canada and has worked on major feature films including Shazam and It 2. He is currently editing his first feature film, which he hopes will be festival-ready for spring 2019.