Raman Sharma

St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School

Graduated 2001

Magician who has travelled throughout 16 countries, and performed for some of the most renowned companies in the world

Ever since a young age, Raman has loved entertaining people and being the centre of attention. Throughout his school years, teachers described him as someone who would do anything to entertain others. It’s no wonder that after he completed his Master’s Degree from the University of New South Wales, Raman pursued the one thing that he has always been truly passionate about – magic.

Raman has travelled to 16 countries, mesmerizing audiences with his magical talent. He states that, “Many countries where I have performed, I don’t even speak their native language, but magic has a language of its own… a language where words do not have to be exchanged.”

While constantly developing new acts and illusions, Raman keeps true to himself and ensures that his success does not come at the expense of others. He believes that respecting people of all ages, races and genders is of the utmost importance while performing. His goal while performing is to simply leave people in awe and he says that, “I will cross any boundaries I need to in order to just get a crazy reaction.”

Raman is ecstatic that he is able to have a career that brings happiness to everyone he meets and he hopes to continue his dream of inspiring people through the art of magic.