Fiona Fryer

St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School

Graduated 2006

Training for the 2016 Special Olympics - Provincial Spring Games and a keynote speaker

During her time at St. Joan of Arc, Fiona was often described as a compassionate, fun-loving young woman who can brighten any room. Her participation in school masses, local events and student council taught Fiona compassion and respect for others – values that she embraces today.

Through various high school co-op placements, Fiona demonstrated her excellent work ethic and determination. As a result, she was hired part-time, both at Winners and Williams Fresh Café in Barrie and has become a valuable employee by her coworkers and customers. In all areas of her life, Fiona lives by the motto, “smile and connect!” She strives to make each individual feel welcome and comfortable.

When Fiona isn’t busy working, she loves playing sports and is training to compete in the 2016 Special Olympics (Provincial Spring Games). She hopes to be able to demonstrate her skills in swimming, snowshoeing, bocci ball and bowling.

Aside from being an outstanding athlete, Fiona is also a public speaker and has given speeches to the World Down Syndrome Association and the Down Syndrome Association of Ontario. She has also helped educate teachers about the benefits of assistive technology for students with learning disabilities – something she knows first-hand. Fiona is an avid user of assistive technology, using social media to connect with friends and family and throughout her time at St. Joan of Arc for reading and writing. She is determined to make assistive technology increasingly present so that all individuals have the opportunity to maximize their learning potential.