Sergeant Marcel Beaudin

Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School

Graduated 1998

OPP officer who worked as part of the Tactics and Rescue unit (hostage rescue). He is currently the Staff Sergeant/ Provincial Co-ordinator of the Provincial Liaison Team.

Marcel Beaudin had a desire to enter into law enforcement from a young age. Following his graduation from Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School in 1998, he pursued his passion and was hired in 2003 as a General Law Enforcement Officer for the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). Soonafter, he applied to become a part of the OPP’s full-time hostage rescue team – the Tactics and Rescue Unit (TRU). He served as a member of east and central region’s TRU until 2014. During this time, Marcel was involved in the safe resolution of over 550 high-risk incidents and worked amongst some of the best tactical officers in North America.

After six years in the Tactics and Rescue Unit, Marcel joined the Aboriginal Policing Bureau’s training unit, and was promoted to Sergeant a short time later. There he oversaw officer training and participated in a number of community and youth initiatives. He fondly recalls this time as the most rewarding in his career thus far, as he has been able to increase programming for at-risk Indigenous youth and make a positive impact within communities across Ontario.

In 2016, Marcel was promoted to Staff Sergeant as a Provincial Coordinator for the Provincial Liaison Team (PLT). After the Ipperwash tragedy, this team was designed to build relationships with stakeholders to minimize the use of force by police. The PLT program promotes positive and clear lines of communication between all people and ensures mediation and negotiation during major events such as protests and summits.

Today, Marcel continues to work in the highly recognized PLT program and follows his passion in law enforcement.