Maddie Lyndon

St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School

Graduated 2015

As the owner of the Muskoka Yoga Festival and Muskoka Mermaid Painting, Bracebridge resident and St. Dominic graduate Maddie feels blessed to have a happy and productive life in a town she has always loved.

Muskoka will always be home for Maddie Lyndon, and St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School will always hold a special place in her heart. As a local entrepreneur, Maddie feels lucky to have combined her passion for construction and design, and her love of yoga, into two successful businesses.

While at St. Dominic’s, Maddie explored her creative side with shop classes and a co-op placement at a local architecture firm. After graduation, she was inspired to study Architecture at Algonquin College in Ottawa. She said, "During my time at St. Dominic's, I was consistently provided with the tools, support, and confidence to study and pursue my specific areas of interest and encouraged to think about my future goals and how to accomplish them."

At college, Maddie began practicing yoga as a way to nurture her mental well-being. Eventually, she began working at a yoga studio, making valuable connections in the wellness community both in Ottawa and in Muskoka.

After graduation, it didn’t take long for Maddie to settle back in her hometown. She traded in full-time employment for entrepreneurship, purchasing the Muskoka Yoga Festival in 2020. She also leveraged her trades and business skills gained over the years to launch her own professional painting company - Muskoka Mermaid Painting.

Now, with a crew of six and a loyal client base, Maddie feels blessed and content. Her years at St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School gave her a solid foundation for a happy life, in a town that she has always loved.