Carly O'Callaghan

St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School

Graduated 2007

Has a Master of Business Administration from the Rotman School of Management. She works at a design and innovation consultancy in New York City, advising how to bridge the gap between community and business.

Carly O’Callaghan’s passion for business became apparent during her time at St. Dominic Catholic Secondary School. Whether it was editing the yearbook, competing in mock trials, or facilitating the student’s assembly on electoral reform, Carly demonstrated outstanding leadership skills that would be beneficial in her future career path.

After graduation, Carly attended the University of Toronto to pursue a degree in International Relations. She was an active volunteer and university representative at multiple G8 and G20 World Leaders’ Summits.

After attaining her degree, she landed a job at one of Canada’s most prestigious speaking platforms, The Canadian Club of Toronto. This opportunity allowed her to work closely with government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and civic leaders, gaining diverse experience both in the non-profit and private sectors.

Carly earned a Master’s of Business Administration at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. Carly spent a semester in Paris, France at the ESSEC Business School and travelled to China to represent the university, where she learned from a variety of global business leaders. Carly also obtained an internship at the Royal Bank of Canada, leading efforts to adapt new technologies, which redefined the way people interact with financial services.

Now living in New York City, Carly works at a design and innovation consultancy and advises companies, non-profits, and other organizations on how to bridge the gap between community and business.