Dylan Benoit

St. Joseph's Catholic High School

Graduated 2006

Dylan's passion for cooking began at home with his mom and eventually led him to become the host of the Food Network’s Fire Masters. He believes in the power of the culinary arts to connect cultures and nourish people — mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Dylan Benoit, once a Barrie native and now a resident of the Cayman Islands, didn't aim for TV fame, but now hosts "Fire Masters" on the Food Network. His culinary passion started at home, influenced by his mother's cooking. As a teenager, he was also part of the inaugural hospitality class at St. Joseph’s, which sparked his interest in cooking further. Landing his first job through his dad's connections, Dylan embraced the chef lifestyle, loving its late starts and creative freedom.

After graduation, Dylan studied at George Brown College. He worked in Toronto before his love for travel and cooking took him to South America and the Cayman Islands. There, he explored global cuisines and cultures, furthering his culinary prowess.

Dylan’s foray into TV began with a pilot project that caught the eye of media giant Corus Entertainment and the “Food Network.” This led to his role on “Fire Masters,” where he relishes the opportunity to learn from fellow judges and contestants. The show challenges chefs to step out of their comfort zones, using barbecue grills to create inventive dishes. 

Dylan’s journey from a grilling teen to a TV host underscores his belief in culinary arts as a way to connect with cultures worldwide and nourish people mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.