Wilfred Lee

St. Bernard's Catholic School

Patrick Fogarty Catholic Secondary School

Graduated 2002

Improv comedy is not an easy gig, but it is something Wilfred Lee is passionate about. As part of Second City’s improvisations theatre troupe, he has honed his artistic talent and has even branched out into acting and music production.

For many people, laughs have been hard to come by over the past two years. Patrick Fogarty graduate and comedian Wilfred Lee is eager to return to the stage and change that.

Wilfred graduated from Seneca College at York University and then travelled to South Korea to teach English and art. What was meant to be a one-year trip, quickly became ten years in South Korea.

It was in South Korea that Wilfred discovered his love of improv comedy. He returned to Canada in 2017 and joined The Second City’s improvisational theatre troupe. Acting and comedy has opened doors for Wilfred - he has appeared in television commercials and shows such as Kim’s Convenience, Haunted Museum, Pachinko and Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan.

Wilfred’s creative talents don’t stop at improv comedy. He produces music under the pseudonym Sugarghost. He also runs a social network hub for creative types, called Artist’s Journey. He is a published author and a sought after artist, and now, an Outstanding Graduate!